Posted by: Louise | April 17, 2010

my dear sister Laura

The giraffe princess is a wordsmith.

She came into the delivery room with her Dad and younger brothers to meet the baby she had been so looking forward to. Laura was dressed in a beautiful babygro and wrapped in a blanket, but no amount of dressing distracted from the truth. Her baby sister was not coming home. There were no words.

Two days later we were planning the funeral and the giraffe princess had agreed to read a poem for her little sister. She was flicking through her Ted Hughes poetry book looking for something to read and becoming increasingly unsure of their suitability. With the innocent matter-of-factness of an eight year old she decided to write a poem instead. And so began her journey with words….
laura adora

My dear sister Laura

My sister Laura is sweet and kind,
and she has a friendly mind.
She has teddy bears on her crib,
and butterflies on her bib.
Her eyes twinkle like a star
I sometimes dream her gone afar.
She looks like a flower
and she has a magic power
to fill all hearts with love.
We hope she is cared for up above.

by: your big sister

She has given me permission to share some of her poems in this space.

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