Posted by: Louise | May 10, 2010

letter from Laura’s midwife

Dear Laura Grace

My name is Sarah. I am the lucky midwife who was present for your birth. My job is a privileged one as I get to help Mums and Dads bring their new babies into the world. Every day is special, but some days are amazing and the 11th May 2009 was one of those.

Your birth was quick. Maybe you were in a rush to meet your Mum and Dad because you physical time with them was so short. Your Mum had just arrived to me and I hadn’t expected you to have such a quick birth. You really caught me by surprise.

You were so quiet when you were born, so still, but very much a perfect little girl. Your Mum and Dad cuddled you for the first few hours so they would never forget those special few hours with you, because it such an amazing time for all parents to bond with beautiful new babies.

You were weighed, then had your pink name tags like all little girls and then your first babygro. Like all beautiful girls your Mum wanted you to look extra special to meet your Granny and you got a new flower filled babygro so you could look your best to meet her.

Laura Grace, your birthday will stay in my memories for a very long time and so will the day your wonderful family said good-bye to you in the hospital: your big sister’s poem, the beautiful music and the celebration of your short life as a pretty amazing Grace.

Where ever life has taken your beautiful soul I hope you are happy, loved and safe.

You are always in my thoughts and my heart.




  1. That is so lovely Sarah. You took great care of my cousin and second cousin. Louise speaks about you very very fondly. I am glad you were there for my family.
    Thank you

  2. Hi Louise,
    Thanks for the remembrance, and the beautiful artwork, one of yours no doubt?.
    A year down for us both now……. stay writing and stay strong. Xx Andrea

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