Posted by: Louise | October 16, 2010

Day 15 – what you like about your house

What do I like about my house?

I like that it is ours, in a many years left on the mortgage kind of way.

I like that it is our first home and the home that we have brought each of our four children home to – and three cats, one rather too boisterous puppy, several goldfish (but none to beat Frank) and, last but not least, a few water snails. Of these three children and one kitten remain.

I like the light at the top of the house. It is a three storey town house and a previous owner put in big dormer windows in the two attic bedrooms. They are really ugly from the outside, but when you are inside, it is like having one entire wall of window.

I like that it was so neglected when we bought it and we have given it new life.

I like that we blocked off the original entrance to the kitchen (only suitable for people under 5’8″) and turned it into a larder. I love my larder.

I like that behind our house is common land backed by a cliff wall (an old quarry), so when you look out the back, all you see is green and you can forget that we live on a very busy main road in the city. I like that the birds like this space too and come and visit us a lot.

I like that for years we had a fabulous wisteria growing up the front of the house and shortly after Laura died the wisteria died in full bloom. Our house mourns with us.

I like that the Little Boy Racer was born right where I am sitting as I type this – and Giraffe Princess and Astro Boy slept soundly upstairs and life just continued on.

I like all the art on the walls and I like that most pieces were gifts and tell a story quite apart from their life as art.

I like that we can walk to town in minutes, or school, or work, or most of the kids activities.

I like that our shower wall is a wall of glass blocks and that we put so much effort into designing it and finding someone who would make it for us.

I like that I mosaiced the front door step because once I had time for such projects.

I like that once K and I were innocent and enthusiastic enough to buy this house, with its damp and dry rot and soggy plaster board and vermin and plastic windows and doors, and put in the effort to make it our home.

I like that, for now, this house contains us.



  1. I very much enjoyed this post about your house. I can tell that my favorite thing about your house is *you*.

    I’m so glad you keep writing.

    Long illness keeps me mostly confined, and reading your blog feels like freedom. I wish you didn’t have to suffer grief. You do make mine easier to bear.

    Thank you again,

    Cathy in Missouri

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