Posted by: Louise | October 24, 2010

Day 24 – where you live

I live in a city in the south of Ireland.

I was born in a hospital in this city and grew up in a big old house a few miles from the city. When I finished school I moved to the other end of Ireland to study and swore I wouldn’t be back. After seven years I came home, briefly, and I’m still here.

K and I live in the city now, a short walk to the city centre. It is a really lovely area, an old village feel, with one of the best local shops in the city – great supporters of local produce – and a gorgeous local pub. It is a mixed area, not sub-urban, with lots of arty people, lawyers (for some reason) and rented accommodation.

This last detail can occasionally have a down side and all too recently we have found ourselves living next door to a film plot – an over 18 film plot that necessitated repeated police intervention.

But we love the area. We love our friends around here. We love its convenience. And so far, despite our best efforts, we haven’t found anywhere we would rather live.



  1. Beautiful street with snow. xo

    • K and his camera!! Our life is beautifully documented.

  2. Love the snow- in my part of the US we don;t get any (south) but where I am from they get tons!

    • First snow in possibly 15 years!! It was gone in two days, but it was beautiful while it lasted.

  3. lovely photo, indeed. I kind of guessed you live in Ireland, too, or had very strong Irish roots in any case… Now I’m glad to know you are close by. Strange to think I gain comfort from the idea, but true.


    • I know what you mean, Ines. I have found your up-the-road-ness a comfort for some time. I had thought it was really obvious I was from Ireland.

  4. Its a lovely picture. It looks like a scene in a movie. Interesting neighbors! I hope they aren’t noisy.

    • Currently (and hopefully) these particular neighbours are gone.

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