Posted by: Louise | October 25, 2010

Day 25 – a youtube video that makes you laugh

It would appear I don’t really do Youtube.

I’m sitting here wracking my brains for a video that has made me laugh and all I’m coming up with is “a Youtube video I have watched” or “a Youtube video I have watched more than once” that isn’t fast cars with the Little Boy Racer on my lap.

My sister-in-law (to be) was up visiting the other day and said she had lost an entire afternoon watching Japanese gift wrapping techniques on Youtube. How do you get to that place? How do you sit down and absent-mindedly lose an afternoon to Japanese gift wrapping techniques? I sit at the computer and after my e-mails and the blogs I follow wind up on the same on-line shopping websites every single day. So much to discover – why stop at gift wrapping techniques? – and I turn up the same old cul-de-sacs continually.

Any suggestions for more mind-expanding diversions greatly appreciated.

In the meantime here is a video I have watched even more than twice….


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