Posted by: Louise | October 26, 2010

Day 26 – your week, in great detail


Not this week, we are on mid-term, but in general our weeks are pretty jam-packed.

I work part-time – two-ish half days a week and two week-ends a month. It isn’t fixed in stone. The priority is making sure the work gets done. This year is the first year that I don’t have to do mad dashes around the city to collect the Boy Racer. All the kids are together.

On weekday mornings, well most mornings, K does breakfast. The boys usually clamber in for a wake-up snuggle before we face the day. While K is downstairs getting the food sorted, I get the kids up and dressed. The Giraffe Princess is quite self-sufficient, once she drags herself out of bed. I will vet what she puts on. They don’t have a school uniform and she is quite clothes conscious (always has been). Every so often her creative dress sense needs reigning in.

Astro Boy could either be dressed before I open my eyes or alternately could wander the house naked for hours having forgotten he was getting dressed. A getting dressed race usually does the trick, carefully planned so the Boy Racer wins the race too.

I leave the house with the kids around 8.10 every morning and walk into school with my friend, her son and the guide dog puppy they are walking. These days the boys like to collect leaves on the way down and assemble them into leaf boats that they throw off the bridge as we cross into the city. So far the results have been less than successful – usually landing upside down or back on the bridge or, once, being snatched away by a gull mid launch – but I love their determined intent.

On Mondays my friend and I join a few other Mums for an early coffee around the corner from the school. I love these coffees. No topic is left unturned. We’ve covered them all and by 9.30 are out the door to work or home or wherever the day will take us.

I work Mondays, a short walk from the school, then head back for 2.30 to collect the guys. The Giraffe Princess and Astro Boy have choir for an hour. Some parents and kids are preparing for the school winter fair. We make Christmassy decorations and gifts after school and the Boy Racer plays on in the school yard with his friends. Then we collect the other two from the cathedral, catch the bus up the hill and tackle homework.

I am trying to plan all the week’s meals in advance this year. Three different homeworks and preparing an unplanned meal is a guaranteed recipe for very high stress levels. Last year felt like fire-fighting every step of the way. K took over the meals completely otherwise we would have starved.

Tuesdays are calm days. K is in college studying and has to be in for 9.00 so he walks the kids. I have a whole morning (officially to study and I am starting) before I pick up LBR from school. he goes to after school creche four days a week, but Tuesday is just him and I and a little friend if someone comes back for a play. The other two come home on the bus with my friend. She sees them off the bus and they stroll the 100m down the hill to the house.

Wednesdays the older two have music after school so we go the city library to do homework and then on to their classes. We get back home around 6.00. You can see where planning meals ahead comes in useful.

I’m starting to go in to work on Thursdays these days. It used to always be Fridays. Thursday is swimming day. We get the homework done. Every second week we spend some time at the library en route to the pool. Home after six.

Friday is coffee again, more problem solving, soul searching, fashion admiring. Once a month I teach on a Friday. After school the older tow again have music and we are home after 6.00 for Friday chips/fries and whatever we are having with them this week.

If it is a working Saturday, K will drop me to work and hang onto the car to take Giraffe Princess to dance. If it isn’t I might take her and go for a walk with a friend while she dances. Saturdays are chill days. If there is entertaining to be done, by the kids or us, it will be on Saturday.

And Sunday. If I’m working then I’m working. If not, we might go for a walk or do something family.

And then it is Monday……….


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