Posted by: Louise | October 28, 2010

Day 28 – what’s in your handbag/purse

This one will be easy….

Mobile phone with little angel bead charm
Small red moleskin diary – week to view on one page with a lined page for notes opposite. Best diary ever.
Wallet – containing too many receipts and not enough cash
Grocery shopping list
Little Boy Racer’s hospital wrist bracelet from last week
Business card for our new relationship therapist
Really pretty cloth handkerchief – unused, but lovely to come across when I’m rummaging
Reading glasses
Mr. Messy wet wipes – handy for those bumps and scrapes
Restaurant receipt from a meal out with K’s family
Notes on communication in relationships – shoved in there last Thursday after our counselling session and forgotten about in the unexpected LBR dash to the hospital
Fold up cloth shopping bag
Packet of tissues
Scrap of paper the Giraffe princess abandoned in the door of the car this afternoon
A leaf
Very cute Cath Kidson make-up bag (a birthday present last year) containing a mirror, lots of band aids, pain killers, essential monthly supplies, hair ties, emergency sun cream sample, swiss army manicure knife thing, hand cream, perfume and lip gloss.

I’m quite a good person to hang out with for all your bump, scrape, minor emergency and manicure needs.

Not tonight, but quite frequently there is arnica cream and rescue remedy to found in there too.


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