Posted by: Louise | December 13, 2010

Astro Boy’s stuff

We travelled.

The snow didn’t prevent us from arriving or returning and Astro Boy has gone national doing his bit for political satire.



  1. Such a talented boy. And so handsome!

  2. Oh my goodness this had me giggling this morning… he is adorable!

  3. Wonderful! If it wasn’t such a sad story I could even laugh, I love his smile at the very end.

  4. Every time I would see the weather reports saying that you were still snowed under (even from across the ocean, they were talking about it), I thought of the trip that you and your son were going to take.

    It was fun to get this update, because I have wondered how it all worked out and whether you made it even with the bad weather.

    Astro Boy did great! 🙂 He is a sure a cute one. It will be interesting to hear where things go from here.

  5. Thank you all. The second installment is on telly tonight. It is all very strange really.

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