Posted by: Louise | April 19, 2011

Dream space

I have no words that aren’t academic gobble-dee-gook. Nor time to write anything other than academic g…….. Any day my thesis will be written and I will resurface. The prosecco is cooling in the fridge in anticipation of my return to the world. In the meantime, I want to share one of my favourite pictures with you. K took it a while back and I found it on my computer the other day.



  1. That is one amazing photo my friend.. I just want you to know that I think of you often.. and when that thesis is done I hope that prosecco slides down with ease ;o)

    • Thank you Leslie.
      I really appreciate your thoughts and words.

  2. Louise this is my new favorite photo too. It fits so well with the water theme this month (I have been the guest editor) at still life 365. I am also very fond of photos of shopping trolley in unusual places and reflections. I love it.

    • Thank you Julie.
      I have meant to check out SL365 to see what you were up to, but the thesis stole my intentions to do anything. Any tips you have re. guest editing would be really appreciated. I am doing a slot later in the year.

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