Posted by: Louise | October 27, 2011

life in 3-D

How often I long for the easy life. The life where nothing bad happens. Where everything ticks along smoothly. Wouldn’t that be great? Can I have that life back? And then I have a conversation with the space child about lego, and it really is only a conversation about lego, but it is so much more besides…

Does lego stick together with friction?

Astro Boy and I are sitting in a sea of lego trying to make some sense of it all. I am meticulously sorting the sea, piece by piece, into different boxes – people, nature, slates, teeny pieces, engineering pieces, bigger pieces, not real lego pieces – because that is the kind of thing I do. Astro Boy is making half-hearted attempts to help before the lure to stick the pieces together overwhelms him. There will be an ‘oh-so-brief’ moment in time later today when the proportion of lego in the boxes to lego on the floor will be more to my liking. But then the tide of little creations will rise and spread across the floor and up into AB’s bed and out the door and down the stairs, and I’ll trip over it for weeks and weeks and in a few months time find myself back in this place again.

I’m not sure that it is friction. I think the pieces just fit together really well. I offer, disappointingly unscientifically.

You know, if there was no such thing as friction, everything would be 2-D.

Where did this boy come from? I nod from the midst of my sorting in a “Sure, yeah, I knew that” kind of way. Really? 2-D? Does he know what friction is? Does he even know what 2-D is?

Everything would just be slipping all over the place and your shoes wouldn’t be able to grip. So the safest thing for a human to do would be stay still and don’t stand on top of a hill.

Lengthy silence as we continued on with the sorting…….. and Astro Boy considered what he had just said. He added:

Except if you were a person you couldn’t go up a hill anyway because you would be flat and there would be no such thing as hills because they would be flat too.




  1. I love that boy…

  2. I can’t get over the amazing things these kids say! Seriously, I’m sure I never knew the things that they seem to know, especially not at their tender age.

    Really enjoyed your last couple of posts. Not unusual, because I always like them, but I have definitely enjoyed these. Still mulling and will comment later on – but thanks for writing (and video-ing). đŸ™‚

    Cathy in Missouri

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