Posted by: Louise | November 7, 2012

spoken word blog round up: take two

I nearly missed this, but only nearly. Over a year since the first spoken word. Time keeps racing forward…

Thank you Angie (Still Life with Circles) for organising this again. I’m very happy to see you weathered the storm.

I have chosen to read my most recent post. It took three attempts. Giraffe Princess wouldn’t let me use the second attempt because I looked so tired. I was very relieved to hear that I didn’t look like the camera suggested all the time.

I got a bit creative at the end of the clip. It was too hard to just talk my experience and not try and bring you just a tiny bit more into it. Not sure if YouTube will let me put it up though so, fingers crossed…


  1. WOW. WOW. WOW. It’s even more beautiful when you read it Loulou although hard to see your face through my tears. Very proud of you. XX

  2. This is so incredibly beautiful. I love hearing your voice and intonations with this piece. Thank you. xo

  3. So beautiful to hear you read it Louise.

  4. I have missed you my friend! Sending love and light as always…

  5. Such a beautiful reading and I loved hearing Anthony and the Johnsons at the end.

  6. Loved hearing your voice read your beautiful description of dancing with Laura. I do miss you my friend. Thank you for sharing yourself.

    • Oh. I have missed you too Jannette. It is lovely to know you are there. xx

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