Posted by: Louise | May 11, 2013


K and the Giraffe Princess are downstairs cooking up a storm.

I came home from work mid afternoon to a cloud of flour and the smell of roasting chicken. I had left earlier with half a mind to make a butterfly birthday cake on my return, but I love their attention to this day too much to interfere.

And so I have lurked upstairs, tidying my desk,

feeling the silence,



delicate and small

because somehow that feels just right.

Happy Birthday little one.

 four today



  1. Beautiful, small and delicate.

    Remembering Laura on her fourth birthday.

  2. Your words here feel just right, too. Thinking of you and Laura, and sending love.

  3. Hello my friend- so sorry that I am commenting so late- for some reason my phone won’t allow comments so U have to do them on the computer.

    I am thinking of you and Laura across the miles and sending love and light your way. Happy 4th Birthday sweet star voyager…

  4. Late, here

    but happy birthday to you, Laura

    yes, CW – beautiful, small, and delicate

    those are some of the words in my mind, too

    but the ones I really want won’t come

    because they are trying

    to reach for a tiny child

    across the sea

    who should be living

    if only

    she were

    xoxo Laura xoxo


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