We are six.

K and I met and bonded on the dance floor, when life was full of possibilities, throwing merry shapes to the Jackson Five.

our giraffe princess at 3 months

Nine years ago the giraffe princess arrived. She was innocent at that point to the passion for giraffes and reading (more specifically reading Malory towers) that life would unfold for her – although some of the signs were there quite early on.

Two years later astro boy landed in our midst. His world is a wonder world filled initially with invisible friends, more recently with fantastical monsters and great adventures that excite him by day but terrify him by night. Every so often he tunes into planet earth.

The little boy racer arrived in a record 40 minute haste nearly five years ago. For most of the last four years he has had a Hot Wheel in each hand.

And then came Laura. And before we knew it she was gone. And here we are.

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